Posted by: truthwithzach | August 19, 2009

American People Vs. Republicans ( Health Care )

   Hello, its time for more truth with Zach.

Now I try to touch on more issues than just one but health care is so serious and so important to our nation that I have to keep it going on my blog.  Its obvious that with no public option we stand no real chance of reform and its also obvious that without the truth we have no realism. I try to inform the public dont beleive everything you see in a news paper because some unnamed news papers favor the rich republican effort. Also dont beleive every cable news show… in stead friends I want you to focus on facts. No matter what is placed or given to republicans they wont vote for it because they dont want CHANGE ! Thats why Obama won the election and the change americans want is a public option for health care and to stop listening to the so called conservatives cry about how much we are spending when we just spent a trillion plus dollars on a point less war in Iraq.  People write your congressmen and dare to hope for change. The average republican is a rich or well off older person who wants to keep this country on the same destruction course instead of bring change and hope and helping small businesses get ahead. I hear angry republicans shout and cry at about taxes and spending and they ran up more debt than anyone. I heard republicans cry and complain about morals and then they show up to a presidential event with guns. I think we all have the right to bear arms no problem with that. But it only takes one lone nut. Republicans support this instead of trying to condem it. whats next republican support for guns at kids soccer games. Come on have a backbone whats right is right. True conservatisim isnt all bad. But the NO republican party and their outrageous actions are a threat to all Americans. THAT IS THE TRUTH ! 


Support the public option….You can bring real Change.

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Health Care ???

                     Hello and welcome to truth with Zach.  There has been much debate over the health care issue and now its time for the truth. Democrats and Republicans both have to come together and make a full compromise and get our country back on the right track. But as we all know this isnt going to happen. Republicans will fight anything at this point to attain  political gain. They are not concerned with the country so much as their senate and house seats. With the Democrats things are better but not by much. The Democrats need to realize in the house and senate and even the white house, that the country has placed them in a position to change this country for the better. There has been a good job by the president thus far and I appluad his efforts. But there are a  few things I think must be done by the years end to ensure a real successful first year in office. First we need to pass a the health care bill and it MUST have a public option. Second we MUST have congress repeal the dont ask dont tell policy. Finally we must make major cuts and eliminate more programs because health care reform dosent come cheap. The president has been clear on where he will cut and make up most of the money but we have to be realistic and focus on much less spending because the debt is  high. Also as Americans we need to step up to the plate. We live in the greatest country in the world and unfortunatly we allow our last president to place us in a national debt thats hard to remove, so we need our most successful Americans to make sure all of their taxes are paid and we must crack down on programs and spending that takes away from eliminating the debt. Health care reform is possible but it comes at a price, we as Americans must be willing to pay that price. Because if health care reform isnt done this year, then we face another four years with over fifty million people who are uninsured and millions more being denied coverage and millions more being ripped off as hospitals charge outrageous amounts to hard working middle class and lower class families.  My friends that is the Truth !

Posted by: truthwithzach | August 17, 2009

What is the Truth ?

I am zach and I will be bring you the truth. The truth isnt always good and happy but its honest. Honesty is all I care about when it comes to letting everyone know exactly whats going on with politics and all other issues. Enjoy the blog’s and leave comments thanks for visiting.